News Letter

Presentation on Awareness of Speech and Language Difficulties

 at N.M. Balwa Educational Institution


I had the privilege of visiting the N. M. Balwa Educational Institution in Pirojpura on Thursday, August 22nd 2013. Assisted and organized by Mr. N. M.Rafique, the purpose of my visit involved educating students, teachers, and parents at the educational institution about various speech and language difficulties that are often seen in school aged children. The trip involved student counseling, a short presentation involving identification and assistance of students experiencing various speech and language deficits, as well as a visit to the orphanage. 

The student counseling session involved meeting with students presenting with various speech and language difficulties. The session ran for an hour approximately, during which I met with students individually to provide various techniques to overcome their difficulties. Students were often accompanied by their parents, who were helpful in providing background history and other related information.  I provided training to parents as well as teachers to help their child achieve his/her speech goals. Out of the 15 students I met with, majority of the students presented with stammering difficulties and 2 students presented with auditory processing delay and difficulty maintaining focus.

 After meeting with students, we began a teacher training session.  The session involved a presentation on identification and management of speech and language deficits commonly seen in schools.Teachers were introduced to various difficulties experienced by students that can adversely affect their academic performance.  In addition, strategies were provided to assist students overcome their difficulties and achieve success.   The teachers and I then engaged in a question answer dialogue which involved discussion of specific as well as general strategies to overcome various difficult situations.  I was pleased to see the interest and cooperation shown by the teachers.

Towards the latter part of my visit, I had the opportunity of visiting The Noor Center which consisted of approximately 14 students varying in ages from 6 to 11 years.  I met with all the students and their caretaker, Ms. Rabia, who was helpful in identifying students in need of support.  I was pleased to see the amount of involvement and interest she displayed towards the students and their education.  She was receptive to the strategies presented to overcome challenges experienced by the students.

I was very pleased and impressed by the organization and management of my visit to N. M. Balwa Educational Institution as well as the reception I received by the students, parents and teachers.  I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with the students, parents, teachers, and caretaker at the school as well as at the Noor Center.  I am hopeful that the teachers will be able to effectively implement the strategies provided and use the information I was able to share to improve student performance and communication skills.  I am hoping to stay in touch and continue to provide any support needed to the best of my ability in the future.


Mahreen Daruwala, M.S., CCC-SLP